nutrition consultation

Are you looking for a science-based—yet individually tailored—approach to nutrition? From an experienced guide who listens?
I’ll come up with a plan just for you, one that fits your life, your needs.

How it works:

  • You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire so I can learn about your goals, your likes and dislikes, and your hurdles.
  • You’ll also record your food intake (either in writing or in photos) over a few days.
  • Then we’ll set up an hour to talk via phone or video to go into further detail. What’s your history? What’s your routine? What are your strengths? Where can you make small tweaks?
  • We’ll brainstorm areas of opportunity for bigger changes.
  • Then I’ll get to work on a plan that’s right for you, right now.

What you’ll get:

A plan rooted in your own preferences, including suggested meals and snacks, targets for calories and macronutrients, and guidelines for fiber and sugar intake.
Depending on your goals, we’ll include a fitness element, too.

Don’t worry. My approach is nutrition first, with some room for indulgence.

Gluten-free? Vegetarian? Keto? If it works for you, it’s fine by me.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter deal. Every plan is different, because every body is different.
Some people want to weigh and measure; others want simplicity. Some like to cook; others not so much. We’ll talk through your needs and I’ll come up with the plan. It’s up to you to put it into practice.

Following Up

For some people, having a plan on paper is enough. Others find they want a little tweaking, a little guidance, a little feedback, down the road. Or maybe, after a few weeks or months, your goals have changed. Then it’s time for a follow-up check-in.
I’m here to talk about anything that’s popped up. We’ll fine-tune to get the best results.


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