“My entire adult life I’ve aspired to be a runner. I would watch people running by me with a mix of envy and awe. How can their bodies move like that for such a long time? Why can’t I do that too? When I was in college I bought a cheap pair of running shoes and would run on the University track in the dark so no one would see me. Over the next 30+ years I was eventually able to run in the daylight and get a decent pair of shoes for myself now and then. I did a few sprint triathlons and ran some, but I would always end up getting hurt and have to stop.

One day I approached Jess and asked her if she would coach a me, a 59 year old who got injured a lot? She said sure, and we embarked on a journey to make me a runner.

Jess helped me understand what my body needed to do, how to slow down, build strength and endurance appropriately and set reasonable goals. She was by my side, actually or virtually every day, with a plan to build up conditioning and strength. Working with Jess I was equal parts accountable to and inspired by her. She’s positive, clear, thoughtful and fun.

Five months after our coaching relationship began I ran a half marathon. After that success, I did get hurt and Jess was right by my side, recommending strength exercises and skilled body workers to get me back to running.

And get back to running I did, another half marathon and then the big push to do what I never thought my body would be able to do, a full 26.2 marathon. Jess created a plan for me and helped me understand the physical and mental effort that was necessary to run this kind of a race. Her support was the key ingredient I needed to achieve this goal. And achieve it I did. At the age of 60, I ran that marathon under my time goal, feeling comfortable, and with a big smile on my face.

Thanks to Jess, after all these decades I’m finally realizing my ongoing fitness goals, and now I can say with surety, that I am a runner!”


– Bridget J.

“I started working with Jess when I was in the middle of training for a marathon and couldn’t understand why, despite my training volume and fairly “healthy” diet, I was gaining weight and feeling run down. Jess helped me understand my body’s reaction to the different sources of fuel on which I was relying, and together we reshaped my nutrition in very simple, easy-to-manage ways.

Although weight loss wasn’t my primary goal, over time I lost 14 pounds by implementing very straightforward changes to my diet – changes that I have continued to follow even after the successful completion of my marathon. Working with Jess was a wonderful and educational experience and I highly recommend it to anyone, athlete or otherwise, hoping to better understand nutrition.”


– Tania C.

We have been working with Jess for almost six months. During that time we have lost almost 20 pounds each and this is pretty incredible considering we have gone on two major vacations (one of the vacations provided food 7 times a day). In the past, this would have blown up any weight loss.

There are a number of things that make Jess so incredible. First, she is so fun and positive and she believes in you as a person. She provides an optimistic perspective even though the scale isn’t going as fast as one may want. Second, she holds you accountable which is what we need. She encourages the use of a food log and when she sees a little too many desserts she gently nudges you back on track. Third, you don’t have to do this alone; she is there with you. She helped us stay the course on two major vacations. And, we are not dreading the holidays where weight gain is usually inevitable for us.

We can’t say enough good things about her and her dedication to the health and well-being of her clients. She makes this fun and something that will last a lifetime.


– Dianne H. and Glenn K.

Not only is Jess an inspiring and incredible athlete herself, she’s a wonderful coach, and I really enjoyed working with her. This season I had a mix of ultramarathon races (including my first 100 miler) as well as some adventure runs, and her coaching was crucial to my success.

With her guidance, I was able to avoid overtraining, remain injury-free, and have a very successful season. I never got bored with the workouts assigned to me as they were different every week. Every time I saw next week’s training schedule, it felt like Christmas morning. All of the workouts were well thought out, and had a purpose – no junk mileage here. It was the perfect amount of mileage for me – enough to challenge me and build my strength and endurance, but not so much that I felt completely run down. She also was very responsive to my scheduling needs, and built my training around my work schedule.

In addition to the physical preparation, I was grateful for the “strategy/race plan” meeting I had with her prior to my big races. Preparing for the miles to be run is one thing, but going over the logistics of gear, crew, and drop bags is quite another. It was exceedingly helpful to discuss those race aspects, particularly with my first 100 miler.

I really appreciated that if I had a question or concern, she readily answered me by phone, text, or email. She is an excellent listener, and I love her no-BS attitude that is empathetic yet straightforward.

Lastly, I was grateful for her attention to the often-ignored mental piece of ultrarunning. I can have fairly intense race anxiety, lack confidence in myself, as well as have have downward mental spirals during those dark periods of a race. We discussed strategies to combat these challenges, and her vast experience as an ultramarathoner really helped prepare me for that facet of racing.

All in all, I consider her coaching “protecting my investment” in my races and my body, and a way to make sure that I’m able to participate in my races trained correctly and injury-free. I can’t wait to continue the journey next year!


– Ana H.

When working with Jess she makes you feel like you are her only client. With only 4 months of work she coached me to a 10 minute PR on my marathon time and a 4 minute PR on my 10K. She worked with me to develop an attainable goal while at the same time pushing me to work harder than I’ve ever worked before- and achieve goals that I didn’t think were possible, including a sub 7 minute mile.

She was always available for questions and consultation. She listens to you and what you need and her training plans are tailored to each person. She is kind, caring and a no BS kinda coach and I love working with her.


As a nutrition coach/RD Jess is amazing. We having been working together for over 2 months on food and food issues and in that time she has changed my relationship with food. Her focus is on eating foods that are good for your body and meeting your goals. She challenges mainstream ideas about food and what is “healthy.”

She is always willing and able to explain clearly why she is suggesting what she suggests and how it will help you meet your goals. She is always available and has “talked me off the ledge” more than once. She never makes you feel bad about “missteps” and helps get you back on track.

She will challenge you and it’s not always an easy path (changing your food habits/meeting new nutrition goals) but she is always there to support you a long the way.


– Tracey C.

I love working with Jess! She is incredibly knowledgeable about food and nutrition, but what really makes Jess special is that she wants to get to know me and understand my personal struggles and challenges in relation to food so that she help me come up with a plan that will actually work for me. She listens to what I tell her is working or not working and helps me adjust my plan in ways that will fit into my lifestyle.

Jess is compassionate, understanding, encouraging, and supportive, but at the same time, she is no-nonsense and knows when to push, challenge, and ask the hard questions. She recognizes that serious changes require effort and she inspires and motivates me to want to put in the effort. I don’t know how she does it – she seems to be a nutritionist, therapist, and personal coach all in one! Her approach is unique and personal and I’ve been so happy working with her.

I’ve been to many nutritionists over the years, but Jess is the only one who has helped me develop an eating plan that feels very personal to who I am and what I think I can do, so that I can make realistic and sustainable changes. I feel empowered by Jess to take control of my eating choices and feel good about them. For the first time, I’m actually able to keep off the weight I’ve lost!


– Paige C.

Exercise / Coaching

The thing that impresses me most about working with Jess is her ability to ‘meet you where you are’. Jess has helped me at widely differing fitness levels, from barely being able to get out for more than 30 minutes a day to training for a mountain 100miler to a speedy 1/2 marathon. Each time, Jess crafts a plan that feels manageable for my life, while still moving me toward big pay-offs. For example, when I didn’t want to join a gym she designed home strength sessions. When I miss mid-week workouts, she reminds me not to freak out and get back at it the next day. Jess has a huge tool box of creative, thoughtful strategies for starting exactly where you are, while building a roadmap for where you want to go.

Food / Nutrition

I assumed working with a nutritionist would be a restrictive experience, but partnering with Jess has been the opposite. Instead, she de-bunked years of nutty diet myths that had grown in my head and helped me design a plan that was balanced and sustainable. I was so surprised and thrilled to see that I could still have my favorite bits of carbs, fats, and even a treat at night – all while still staying in my daily caloric goals and losing weight. Jess helped me understand that our food choices are all about awareness and shifted my focus from losing a few quick pounds to working toward a lifetime of healthy, holistic eating. Her own long-term commitment to nutrition inspires me toward what is possible, and I am grateful to access her vast non-judgemental knowledge while making these shifts in my life.


– Jenn H.

I started running marathons at 40 and ultra-marathons a couple of years later. After six years, I had gotten good at finishing, but I rarely felt good, and I wasn’t getting any faster. I knew Jess as a nutritionist who ran ultras, so I met with her several times to talk about race nutrition. She provided more than that; and her advice not only made me smarter about what I ate and drank during races but also had a significant and lasting effect on my daily diet—tailored to me, my daily routines, and the fact that I was vegetarian.

The next season, I decided to see what would happen if I not only ate smart but trained smart. I went to Jess again. She helped me take my whole relationship to running to a new level. Jess started with questions—about my goals, how and when I ran, how much time I had to train. More than that, she listened, using the information to tailor a training program that fit my life perfectly while at the same time pushing me to train harder than I was used to. Jess continued to listen to my feedback and respond from week to week, making adjustments based on what I was logging and reporting.

The result was that I learned I could do a lot more than I had been in terms of training, without having to change my life. And that resulted in the most satisfying season ever. My times improved, yes, but more than that, I felt strong from start to finish. And that meant a renewed joy in running.

When I first met with Jess, I asked her whether it was possible to run a 50-mile race and feel good all the way to the end. She said “yes.” And that’s what she helped me do, knocking 20 minutes off my time on the same course three years earlier to boot. She did that without plugging me into some one-size-fits all program but one that was unique to me, my life, my aging body, and my actual goals. It went so well that I’ve set my sights on 100 miles next year. Of course, I will be working with Jess.


– Miles Y.

I have been working with Jess Mullen these last 9 months for some structure and accountability in my new diet (read lifestyle change). I have lost 35 pounds in that time, moreover, Jess has helped me to reconfigure my meals in such a way that I eat almost completely differently now, but enjoy it more. She also has emphatically reintroduced daily exercise into my lifestyle change (early mornings on the rowing machine at home). She has a sunny disposition, yet is very firm about the discipline required for committed folk to do the work and reap the appropriate rewards. I couldn’t have done it without her. This is the most fun I have ever had trying to reorganize my life around what I eat and fitness, Jess made this possible.


– Dave D.

When I was first referred to Jess, I wanted to change my eating habits so they would support my endurance sports goals. Jess helped me put together a simple to understand program for daily menus as well as developing a race day nutrition plan. The results exceeded my expectations.

I lost nearly 40 pounds and my weight has remained stable during off season. I completed my first 70.3 triathlon with no significant digestive issues. My overall health has significantly improved as has my understanding of how to eat to support my goals.

I highly recommend Jess as a sports dietitian.


– Katherine P.

When I first starting working with Jess, I was overwhelmed with anything nutrition related. It is evident Jess is an expert at what she does. She is caring, empathetic, genuine, and understanding. She listens to your needs and, in turn, carefully challenges and creates a plan that will work for you as an individual and for your specific goals. With Jess’s guidance, I have learned how to plan meals that have been adapted specifically to my needs and goals. She has also helped me diversify food selections, and identify emotional triggers related to food.

She has been such a gift that has been there to help and guide me with her plethora of knowledge and experience. Her passion for helping and guiding others to healthy choices is evident in all that she does.


– Adrienne R.

I contacted Jess the end of July 2016. Up until this point, I had been living a paleo lifestyle, but never could get quite as lean as I wanted to. The ONLY way I could get anywhere near my desired level of leanness, was to eat in a way where I felt I couldn’t enjoy food. I also felt I wasn’t getting enough carbohydrates in my diet to support my workouts and muscle mass, but wasn’t quite sure how many carbs were too much or too little. Every time I ate carbs, I would feel extremely bloated, so I stuck to a low-carb diet…

When meeting Jess, my big goals were to lean out while maintaining my muscle mass. Crossfit is my sport, and I love to add a little extra running in there. I found myself tired all the time, and knew I needed some help in getting my macros where they needed to be.

Jess wrote up a great plan for me, one that fuels my body in all the right ways! I’ve never had better energy, or felt better in my workouts! Just 3 months later, I’ve lost 14 pounds and am having massive gains in the gym! I love the food that I’m eating, and Jess has had great food suggestions. I haven’t been 100% perfect, and I love that Jess understands that that’s life, and that’s okay– you just get right back on track and not let poor food choices derail you.

Thank you Jess for helping me reach my goals as well as teaching me about balance and how to achieve that!


– Kayleen U.

I spent my teen years and early twenties fit and in great shape. I spent the next twenty years trying to stay fit, eating what I thought was a healthy diet, but carrying a lot of extra weight.

Over the years I tried commercial diet plans, reading up on the latest fitness and health trends, and trying anything to get back to a healthier version of myself.

I was approaching my mid life, and looking ahead, I knew if I didn’t make some changes, I could expect to live a shortened life, with many potential health issues.

I finally decided that I didn’t know what I was doing, and that I needed professional help.

Lucky for me, my path crossed Jess, and I scheduled an appointment.

From the first meeting, I felt hope and thought I might have a chance at succeeding. Finally! Jess assured me that I could achieve my goals and that I had been doing the best that I could. She lifted the shame that I had been carrying around for twenty years and let me know that I could do this. I was thrilled!

Jess created a nutrition plan for me, and we have continued to adjust it as necessary. She helps me with road blocks and helps me to focus on the positive. She helps me plan my exercise and nutrition to support it.

Jess helps you to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals with total support and no judgement. She is your biggest supporter, your resource for all things nutrition, and your partner in your success. She can see your potential, even if you can’t, and she will gently guide you to success.

I am now almost 50, and in great health! I love the way I eat and I feel great! I am continuing to lose weight, and I know I will achieve my final weight and fitness goals with her support and guidance. I feel like my body is finally getting fueled the way it needs to and is giving me what I need in return – energy, strength, fitness, health!

I’m on a new path and I am filled with hope for my future.

I could not do this alone, and I am so grateful to Jess for her expertise and support!


– Jess P.

If you’re looking for someone who can help take your training and athletic performance to the next level, then you need to work with Jess!

Jess is a gifted athlete who applies her extensive experience as an ultra marathoner and cross fit coach individually for each client. Jess works one-on-one to help identify and build upon an athlete’s individual strengths and then motivates them to face their weakness head on and do the hard work to overcome obstacles .

The opportunity to work with Jess has allowed me to reach my fitness goals year after year. I Highly recommend working with Jess for personal training and nutrition guidance. I have learned so much from her and continue to be amazed at my progress!


– Nancy P.

Over the last three years I’ve been working with Jess, she has offered a personalized coaching and nutritional guidance, as my goals evolved. The value of her services extend far beyond an eating and workout plan, and as a result, my relationship with food has become far healthier and sustainable for life-long athletic pursuits.

I especially appreciate her ability to address my challenges directly and offer ‘real life’ solutions. She offers the accountability I need to stay focused and get the job done. And she also happens to be a badass that I feel lucky to share time on the trail with.


– Colleen C.

I’ve worked with Jess Mullen for the last 2 years. I cannot think of a better person to train under, nor someone who inspires me more. Jess creates a relaxed, and vigorous atmosphere, conducive to getting in the best mindset possible to run one’s best race. She’s a collaborator at heart, a natural coach, filled with seemingly endless enthusiasm and encouragement. Under her guidance, I now run injury free. She’s helped me significantly improve my form, my speed and my endurance, allowing me to run better races. My current goals include qualifying for Boston, and with Jess’ help, I will achieve that goal.


– Sinjin M.

When I first met Jess in 2012, I was instantly intrigued. She is so knowledgeable about all things fitness, endurance, running and nutrition. I have been training with her one on one for the past several months in preparation for my Grand Canyon adventure and I can honestly say I made it from Rim to Rim of that canyon because of her guidance.

Whatever goal you choose to set, she will make sure you achieve it. I could not recommend her more for any and all of your coaching needs.


– Sarah C.

Working with Jess has helped me create and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Prior to working with her, I had tried several diets in which I obtained results, but I eventually reverted to old habits because those diets were so restrictive and difficult to maintain for the long-term.

The basic principles to maintain a healthy lifestyle are a simple concept, but I struggled with implementing diet and exercise habits that didn’t feel like they dampened my sense of fulfillment. With Jess’ help, I have learned moderation and how to treat myself without over-indulging or ruining progress that I’ve made. She has guided, encouraged and supported my goals, and her assistance with this journey has impacted more than just my physical appearance. Overall, I am happier, healthier and more confident.


– Sierra N.

I have been a lifelong athlete and thought that my knowledge of nutrition would transfer from gymnastics to distance running. After a number of bonks, and a very serious DNF, I realized I was wrong. Jess not only helped me with my nutrition plan while running, but she also assisted me in building an easy to adopt lifestyle change that would fuel me throughout my workday as well as my workouts and key events. Jess’s approach goes deeper than the symptom- she takes a very holistic approach that takes her patient and their environment into consideration before dispensing advice. While working with her, I was able to identify dietary habits that were holding me back and make slight modifications each week to improve my health, and with her advice, assisted me in making informed decisions about my daily nutrition.

Since I have been working with Jess I have attained a 5K, half-marathon and marathon personal best. With her advice and encouragement I have also been able to break my addiction to sweets and refined sugar, which has leveled out my moods, increased my energy level, extended my duration of focus and has cleared my complexion.

I also feel like I can tell Jess anything. She is non-judgemental, open, kind and empathetic. She is the kind of person that you can tell your diet horror stories to, laugh about it together and she will help you figure it all out.


– Danielle H.

My name is Janine. I’m forty years old and have been a strict Vegetarian (primarily Vegan and Raw Foodist) for twenty five years. I have always worked in fields that require strength and agility so fitness and health has always been a primary focus for me. I’m naturally tall and skinny which makes the challenge of putting on muscle that much harder. Although women have always made comments to me like “I wish I had a high metabolism like you” I would always envy them right back for their shapes, curves and muscles. I think I have read at least a hundred books on nutrition and health thinking that someday I would find that magic formula and actually sprout a muscle! I also began to notice that my sleeping patterns were off and my memory seemed to be fading. Issues that I just attributed to age. Little did I know that although my dedication was pure, I was looking in the completely wrong direction.

I had devoted my life to being a vegetarian for the all the reasons people normally do: ethics, nutrition and political. When I had my consult with Jess, I made it clear to her that this was not going to change. She was patient and listened to my reasoning. As I handed her my food journal, I began to get nervous knowing that Jess (Paleo eater!) would be scrutinizing my vegan diet that I was so proud of. As she looked it over, she was very positive and complimentary. We then began to discuss all the reasons I was a vegetarian. Several times I would make an argument that had been ingrained in my head for decades. Jess would listen and then patiently respond. It began to get hard to argue with her as she brought up some very valid points.

I felt that Jess knew how important it was for me to live a vegetarian lifestyle. She answered my questions in a very non-threatening way that left me feeling curious, not offended. She even told me that at one time she, too, had been a vegetarian. The catalyst was when she said “Janine, do me one favor. Read ‘The Vegetarian Myth’. It will explain in more detail what we’re talking about. Once you’re done come talk to me again.”. She then left me with some great vegetarian options to increase my protein intake.

My first clue should have been that I was on the waiting list for two months to get “The Vegetarian Myth”. I then spent the whole weekend devouring it. My world suddenly and dramatically flipped. It went into great detail a lot of the points Jess had been trying to get across to me. It specifically addressed issues that I had been experiencing that are common with vegans and vegetarians. I immediately began to eat a Paleo diet. Within a month, people began to make comments on my muscles that were suddenly popping out (thanks also in part to Crossfit!). In one month alone, I gained three pounds of muscles! I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have. I am now a devoted Paleo eater.

I cannot say enough great things about Jess. She has that perfect balance of sincerely listening to you and then addressing your specific goals in a positive way. No judgement. No harsh criticism. Just the truth. Which is what I had been searching for, for twenty five years.


– Janine H.

My name is Mark Anderson, I am 49 and I have been a Type 1 diabetic since 1981. I have kept very fit my entire life with diverse activities. My focus has tended to shift over the years, including swimming, running, road and mountain biking, snowshoeing, crosscountry skiing, telemark skiing, and Crossfit for the last 2.5 years. I have always maintained a healthy diet, but never really paid much attention to eating for performance – or toward optimizing my diabetes control. I behaved myself (mostly), and that was that.

I attended a lecture about the Zone Diet about 1.5 years ago, and decided to give it a try. My endocrinologist had never heard about The Zone, and was dead set against it. Because of his reaction, I dropped the notion for a while, but eventually had the idea that if I were to work with a certified nutritionist and come up with a plan, he may be more open to helping me with the diabetic adjustments. So, I inquired about nutritionists at my Crossfit gym – Level 4 Crossfit in Ballard – and was referred to Jess.

I already knew Jess from participating in some workouts together. I knew she was a hard-core athlete, and she was also very upbeat and personable. I spoke with Jess and explained my goals for the diet. First, I had gained about 10# on a vacation several months prior and never lost it. That was rare for me, as I have always been within 5# +/- since I graduated from college in 1982. Second, I wanted to see how The Zone would impact my performance in Crossfit and other athletic pursuits. Third, I wanted to see how the Zone would impact my diabetic control. Fourth, I was daunted by Zone meal planning. I am the type that can stick to a routine, but if the onus was on me to plan day-to-day, I knew that I would fail. I asked Jess for a comprehensive 7-day meal plan.

Jess was exactly the resource I needed. She emailed me a questionnaire asking about my medical history, activities, and a record of my dietary intake over the course of several days. She then created a meal plan that incorporated many of my favorite foods, and we scheduled a 3-wk follow-up meeting to discuss progress and answer any questions. I ran into a few portion-size issues early-on, and she was very responsive to my emails.

After being on the diet for about 2 wks I had another endocrinologist appointment. I handed him Jess’s plan, explained it, and his response was very positive. As it turned out, it required minimal changes to my insulin parameters. I lost 7 pounds in the first 2 wks, then another 5 until settling back to a net loss of 10 pounds, and it has stayed off. About 1.5 months into the Zone diet I did my first Sub-10 Helen (a benchmark workout at Crossfit). My next A1C test will be in a couple more months, and based on my finger-stick glucose scores, I expect it will drop into the 6.5 range, which is about as good as it gets for a Type 1 diabetic.

Jess is smart, enthusiastic, she communicates very well, and she knows her stuff. It was a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend her.


– Mark A.

I’ve known Jessica for 6 years, and have considered her a leader and a friend. When I wanted to be a good runner, she pushed me and coached me with my running. When I cut down on my running, however, I was still eating whatever I wanted, but not burning the calories like I was before. Over a 3 year period, I went from weighing 117 lbs to weighing 151 lbs, and at 5’4’’, my doctor became concerned with my weight. When I was told that my weight was concerning, it was the push that I needed. I called Jessica immediately, and she began counseling me on my lifestyle. I admitted that I was unhappy with my current weight and level of fitness, and that I wanted to feel good again. She told me about Crossfit and the Paleo diet. I incorporated Crossfit into my schedule 1 day a week, and started cutting out dairy and grains, not completely, but significantly. That was in November 2009 and now in April of 2010, I currently weigh 131 lbs, 20 lbs less! I am excited to continue losing the weight. I am happier with myself and I feel better, inside and out.


– Leila B.

A year ago my husband and I began working out again – we joined Level 4 Crossfit (www.crossfitseattle.com) and made a commitment to eat following the Paleo Diet. Our goals were to change our eating habits and improving our body composition. We achieved both. We have lost more than 40 pounds and feel better than we ever have.

Having Jess as a resource at the gym and listening to her tips at the Food Seminars (held at the gym) was instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. Jess, as a dietitian and trainer, was crucial in motivating me and helping me stay on track (which, for me, is Paleo-style eating) in the following ways:

  • She provided new and fun recipes for foods I wouldn’t have necessarily liked or tried otherwise. Examples include: her kale salad recipe, ideas about what to do with swiss chard, and her green smoothie recipe.
  • Her mantra: make breakfast look like dinner. With this advice I lost the final 7 pounds I had struggling with!
  • Her suggestion: make leftovers so you have something ready to eat the following day.
  • Her philosophy: be kind to yourself, allow for those occasional “non-Paleo” transgressions.

This is not a diet or a temporary plan; this is how I want eat forever. I have seen the results and they work. Thank you Jess for being so supportive and helpful.


– Tracy C.